Election Day is Tuesday, November 3, 2020. What's your plan to vote?

To register above, you can use the form or check out the State of Illinois Elections Page  here.

To mail in your registration form, you can click this link for an English form or this link for a Spanish form. Please mail or deliver this application to the Cook County Clerk by October 6.

To register in person, you can visit:

1) One of the Cook County Clerk's locations (found here)

2) A village, city, or township clerk's office location (found here)

3) An Illinois Secretary of State's drivers license facility location (found here)

How can I check my application status after I have registered to vote?

Click this link here to view your application status. You will need to provide your license or ID number.

I'm unsure if I am already registered. How can I know?

You can check your voter registration by using the "Check Voter Registration Status" above or by following this link and providing the prompted information. You will need your full name, birth date, and zip code.

Who can register to vote?

To be eligible to register to vote, you must fulfill these requirements:

1) Be a U.S. Citizen

2) Be 18 years old by November 3rd

3) Not currently in prison serving time for a conviction

4) Have not claimed the right to vote somewhere else

5) You must live in your election precinct at least 30 days before Election Day

How do I register to vote without an address?

If you are someone experiencing homelessness and do not have a permanent address, you are required to be able to receive mail at the address you have provided on your registration form. Examples of this could be: a relative's home, a drop-in center, or a shelter that accepts clients' mail. 

I am younger than 18. How can I prepare to vote?

If you are between 13 and 17 years old, you can prepare to vote by pledging to register. This service will text you on your 18th birthday and help you register to vote. Check out our "Pledge to Register" tab above and fill out the prompted information. 


Where do I go to vote?

You can check your voting location here by inputting your address information. 

How can I request a Vote-By-Mail Application?

To request a Vote-By-Mail Application online, you can visit the "Absentee Ballot Tool" tab or click this link and fill out the prompted questions. You will need your driver's license or personal ID, the address where you'd like your ballot mailed to, and an email address. You must do this by October 29.

Once I receive by Vote-by-Mail ballot, how do I mark it?

When you are marking your ballot, you need to use a black or blue ballpoint pen or a felt-tip pen. DO NOT use a red pen. 

How do I return my Vote-by-Mail ballot?

You can return your ballot in many ways:

1) the U.S. Post Service or a licensed courier (FedEx or UPS)

2) Personally deliver your ballot to the Election Board at 69 W. Washington Street, Sixth Floor

3) Starting in mid-October you will be able to drop it at any Secured Drop Box. These will be available at every Early Voting site in Chicago.

Oh no! I did not receiver my ballot. What should I do?

You have three options:

1) Call 312-269-7967 on or before October 29 to alert the Board of Election Commissioners and they will help assist you. 

2) Participate in Early Voting through November 3rd

3) Cancel your mail ballot and cast your vote in-person on Election Day (November 3). If you have the mail ballot, you have to give it to the election judges.

How does Early Voting work?

Early Voting allows citizens to vote before Election Day on November 3. If you decide to participate in Early Voting, your vote is final and you cannot change your vote or vote again for the November 3 election. It is a felony to attempt to vote more than once in the same election.

When can I participate in Early Voting?

You can participate in Early Voting from October 14 to November 3.

Where are Chicago's Early Voting Locations?

You can register and participate at any of the Early Voting locations found here. The locations will be available in September 2020.

Do I need any identification (ID) to participate in Early Voting?

To register for Early Voting, a government-issued ID is required. You will need two forms of ID in order to register. You can find what ID is necessary here.

To submit your ballot for Early Voting, a government-issued ID is not required. 



October 1

Early voting at Loop Super Site begins.

October 6

This is the final day to register online and the final day to register without showing ID. 

October 14

Early Voting in all 50 Chicago Wards begins.

October 18

This is the final day for online voter registration.

October 29

Your local election authority must receive your vote-by-mail ballot request by this date.

November 2

Early voting ends.

November 3

It's Election Day! Your mail-in ballot must be postmarked on or before this date in order for it to be counted properly.


Voting is easier than ever before, but sometimes it can be useful to ask an expert for help. Here are some trusted resources that can make voting easier:

Chicago Voting Assistance 

The City of Chicago and Cook County are both available to help with any questions or issues you may have: 

Chicago Board of Elections: (312) 269-7870

Cook County Clerk David Orr’s office: (312) 603-5656 

If you have any issues registering to vote or voting because of your housing situation call:

The Law Project at the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless: 1 (800) 940-1119

Other Resources

Here are some great resources from trusted partners These websites will provide you with guides and answers to important FAQs about voting:

Find Your Congressional District: There's more on the ballot than just the presidency. Find out who your congressperson is ere. 

Young Invincibles Voter Hub FAQs: Young Invincibles offers helpful answers to questions on voting and registration and can connect you to other election resources.

Chicago Coalition for the Homeless Voting GuideChicago Coalition for the Homeless provides important information on how to vote if you are someone who's experiencing homelessness.

ACLU's Voting with a Criminal Record Guide: This guide by the ACLU outlines critical information and answers common FAQs, as well as other helpful election resources. 

League of Women Voters - Illinois Voter Guide: Need to find your polling place? Want to know more about local elections? League of Women Voters is a great non-partisan guide on everything you need to know.